This blog is about trying to really make urban farming work in the midst of really real young family life.  I have loved gardening as long as I can remember.  My mother and both my grandmothers had huge gardens, so I guess it’s in my blood.  In high school I was greenhouse manager.  I used to take cuttings from rose bouquets and grow roses from them.     It has always made me feel balanced and alive to be able to dig my hands around in the dirt.

Now fast forward to my present life.  I am married.  I have two kids:  4.5 year old son and 10 month old daughter.  I work about 34 hours a week.  As any other working parents out there know,  this is more than enough to occupy every waking moment of life, and half of the sleeping moments.  But deep down in my blood and guts I NEED to be outside, I NEED to be digging in the dirt.  And I have come to believe that growing our own food is also important for our budget, our health, and our environment.  Can it really still be done in this phase in life?  And if so, how to make it simple and efficient enough to work?

Well….as I’m writing this, it has been two years since my last blog post here.  So does that mean it isn’t for real to make this work?

One of my close friends had the dream to start a prayer farm.  The whole farming part of that is pretty integral to their future plans; so when we swung by to see them after they’d had their 4th child, I casually asked how the garden was going.  My friend said that for that year, they had decided to only grow spinach.  That was all.  They were in a phase of life of moving, having a baby, job changing….and so they gave themselves permission to just take it easy for awhile, then get back to it.  That really inspired me.  I had a hard time giving myself permission to just grow spinach.  Then this past year we had a baby, and moved, and had job changes….and I remembered her words and tried to give myself permission to just grow spinach.  Now I’m dusting off my gardening gloves and getting back to it.

When I started this blog, we were renting a 0.67 acre lot in Portland, OR.  We rented there for 5 years in a beautiful neighborhood, and learned a lot in the garden.  Last month (November, 2015) we moved out into the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and bought our first  home.  A 684 sf home on a 5,000 sf lot….but in a tiny town of 700 tucked against wilderness and beauty.  We are hoping to have a simple, beautiful life full of love, experiences, health, and adventure.  This blog is to share with others how it is going.


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